The AIB T&E SIG is excited to present the five finalists for the 2023 AIB T&E Teaching Innovation Award.  The nominees are:

  • Mourad Dakhli, Edward Wang, and Salomao de Farias, for the paper “Embracing Global Partnerships for Transformative Education.”
  • Jelena Cerar, for the paper “Unlocking Success Through Business Experimentation in Multinationals.”
  • Narentheren Kaliappen, for the paper “Revolutionizing Experiential Learning in International Business Management.”
  • Filip de Beule, Nukhet Vardar, Katarzyna Mroczek-Dabrowska, Giles Blackburne, and Andreja
    Jaklič, for the “MNC Whispering Video Case Library.”
  • Dirk Holtbrügge, Maxim Grib, and Laura Kirste, for the paper “Empowering Interactive Learning with AI.”


The nominees will present their work in the Panel: Teaching Innovations in International Business. Session# 232013. Aula IV. 14:30-15:45. The winner of Teaching Innovations Award 2023 will be announced in this session at the AIB 2023 conference in Warsaw, Poland.


Find out more at https://www.aib.word/events/2023/