The AIB Teaching & Education Shared Interest Group facilitated a half-day, pre-conference workshop on 5 July 2022 at AIB 2022 in Miami.

This year’s theme was to provide an overview of the variety of digital platforms that are available to AIB members through the T&E SIG’s website (Digital Platforms database). In this high impact pre-conference workshop designed for faculty teaching international business courses, participants were presented with no-cost, useful digital platforms to enrich their teaching. The workshop was designed to share the most useful digital tools instrumental in IB teaching and provide inspiration for IB educators looking to enrich traditional classroom experience. Teaching materials and resources (e.g., sample lesson plans and syllabi) were provided to participants.

Workshop attendees gained a hands-on experience with Chatam House’s Data Visualization, globalEdge Country Comparator, Human Development Index, Hofstede Cultural Dimensions country comparison tool, ISSUE Project materials, Solarpunk storytelling and sociodrama role play, Heritage Index of Economic Freedom, Sustainable Development Goals by UNESCO, and qr-code development for sharing syllabi in pdf, social media tools, and many others.

Highlights of the workshop:

  • A group activity enabled participants to discuss in small groups how they might utilize resources presented in the sustainability portion of the session.
  • In the culture discussion portion, faculty shared the use of the case of Bhutan’s introduction of the internet as a culture case, among other interesting examples of culture resources that are thought provoking in bridging theory and practice for engaging students.
  • In the final segment of the workshop, in discussing IB article collection sharing with students (via Pinterest) an interesting discussion ensued about the value of students reviewing not just current articles but older ones to compare and contrast how predictions or trends changed, developed, or came to be standards in current times.  In terms of discussing newspaper media repositories, a powerful conversation a number of participants engaged in with facilitators was the important issues of: how free news in various regions really are, how local news might be greatly impacted by political pressures and a variety of points made about information literacy, transparency in reporting, and freedom of the press in various regions of the world.

The resources shared and the valuable conversations with all participants was a fantastic opportunity for faculty to collaborate as we consider how to present course topics in effective, engaging, memorable, and interactive ways for our students, the future IB professionals of tomorrow.


  • Miguel Cordova, PUCP, Peru
  • Ilke Kardes, Valdosta State University, USA*
  • Karen Lynden, UNC Greensboro, USA
  • Daria Panina, Texas A&M University, USA*
  • Marina Schmitz, IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia

*Workshop chairs