Events at AIB conferences

Events at AIB conferences2024-07-11T10:50:54+00:00

AIB Teaching & Education SIG is organizing various events in AIB World Annual meeting, but also at AIB chapter conferences.

For the AIB World Annual meetings, T&E SIG offers Teaching Cafes and Professional Development Workshops. If you would like to contribute, welcome to contact vice chairs, conference events.

Teaching Cafes

Cafes are short, interactive sessions facilitated by one or two discussion leaders with the goal of idea exchange and high attendee participation.

Professional Development Workshops (PDW)

PDWs are typically half-day events that focus on a “teaching in IB topic” facilitated by several experts. These workshops incorporate engaging activities for participants related to pedagogy and the creation of teaching materials, lessons, and course activities. Certificates of Workshop completion are also provided for participants.

Teaching Events at AIB Chapter Conferences

AIB T&E SIG is collaborating with the regional AIB chapters in creating regional track sessions centered on teaching and learning.

SIG is looking forward to expanding its collaboration with the regional chapters. If your chapter would like to host teaching-related events together with the AIB T&E SIG, please contact and share your ideas and needs with Cyntia Vilasboas Calixto who is leading development of the AIB chapter and AIB T&E SIG collaboration.

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