by Aušrinė Šilenskytė, University of Vaasa, & Marleen Dieleman, NUS Business School, National University of Singapore

In AIB 2022, we discuss various ways in which we can foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in International Business (IB) education. We have gathered some resources, that would help IB educators and higher education institutions in their way towards DEI.


Teaching practices that help to ensure fairness in student assessment and inclusion of diverse topics/theories in IB courses:


Pedagogical tools that support utilization of student diversity and when handling diversity of perspectives and views in the classroom:

Diverse materials and examples that IB educators could use beyond the Western-focused textbooks and cases:


The ways to develop own skills and support colleagues educators in eliminating potential biases and growing open-mindedness:


What business schools can do to incorporate diversity and inclusion in their own faculty and leadership:


Other valuable readings on the topic: