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 Mainstreaming Impact in International Business (“MIIB”)

About MIIB

The Mainstreaming Impact in International Business (MIIB) Initiative aims to mainstream the disciplinary impact of International Business (IB) and have this impact seen, felt, and believed by worldwide stakeholders. This is achieved through proactive promotion of impactful IB scholarship and developing enablers for scholars and non-academic stakeholders to act and cause positive changes in the wider society.

Impact entails change by action. Without impact, research remains a hidden treasure rather than timely and useful knowledge. Without the mechanisms to generate impact, scholars restrict their life-time’s influences to papers. Home to the IB discipline, the Academy of International Business (AIB) recently called for advocating and advancing IB research to tackle urgent global issues. In this interconnected world, the IB’s disciplinary impact effectively lies in its demonstrable contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reducing geopolitical uncertainties using IB research and outreach.

The MIIB Initiative is founded and led by Dr Elizabeth Yi Wang as an executive coordinator at T&E SIG. Its launch and a successful pilot project have received support from her colleagues at the University of Leeds and the leadership of the AIB President, past and future Presidents, the T&E SIG, and the many members of the AIB community.

Vision: Use rigorous international business research and engagement to steer worldwide sustainable development in harnessing synergy and efficiency of interconnected economic activities.

Mission: Create the platform and outlet for the community of international business stakeholders to closely engage with international business research and academics to evaluate and evidence impact on society.

How to take part

We warmly welcome AIB colleagues and friends to take part in one or more of the following Impact Channels.

Channel 1: Impact through engaged IB research

Bring impact into the lifecycle of IB research by defining impactful research questions and engaging with stakeholders from inception. Showcase the journey of your engaged research and your innovation in methodology to achieve rigor and outreach. Contribute to MIIB events and MIIB Conference Panels. Let’s join forces to build a culture of engaged IB research leading to demonstrable impact.

Channel 2: Impact on users of your research

Be our speaker and advocate! You will be featured through MIIB digital platform with an account of the impact of your research and scholarly outputs, within and beyond academic. Your intellectual outputs including MIIB speeches will be cited more widely as we proactively reach out to all possible stakeholders.

Channel 3: Impact on students

Incorporate MIIB Virtual Lecture Series with one or more identified undergraduate, postgraduate, or MBA modules in partner universities. Help your students to network and grow through MIIB Student Society. Build your reputation as an impactful educator.

Channel 4: Impact on practitioners and societal users

Contribute to MIIB Engagement Events by speaking to policy makers, business communities, and alumni.

Be a part of an MIIB community!

Please contact MIIB founder and project manager Dr Elizabeth Yi Wang at to express interest and obtain details of participating criteria and relevant processes.

Meet the MIIB Advocates: Click here

International Business (IB) scholars are developing cutting edge methods to cause real, positive changes outside of academia using their research and scholarship. We are proud to call them MIIB Advocates. They have inspired cohorts of students and researchers through engagement with stakeholders via MIIB Impact Channels. One of the most recent achievements is our advocates’ MIIB Virtual lectures which have helped to embed sustainable development in the IB curriculum of 15 institutions around the world. Clicking the link above, you will find a growing list of speakers, together with description of their talks and resources. Click on the speaker’s name to access their professional page. As MIIB impact activities continue into 2023 and 2024, more information will be added to the MIIB webpage. 

Sign up to MIIB Virtual Lecture Series (MIIB VLS)

What are the benefits of MIIB VLS for participating institutions?

  1. Participating institutions and lecturers from them involve in knowledge sharing and expertise exchanges.
  2. They can benchmark their student capabilities, methods used in teaching, and try new methods that might have not been yet adopted in the institution.
  3. MIIB serves as a medium for global learning on best IB teaching practices across the institutions.
  4. The MIIB Virtual Lecture Series is an opportunity to increase reputation of participating institutions.
  5. Scholars are enabled in promoting changes informed by scientific knowledge and research, and their students’ demonstrating ownership and skills of proposing changes to tackle grand challenges.

What are the benefits of MIIB VLS for participating IB scholars?

  1. Enhancing teaching practices and raising personal profile as an impact champion what increases lecturer’s reputation across international institutions, accelerating career development.
  2. Reaching and impacting truly international audience what is not always available when teaching within the home institution.
  3. Bringing the wealth of AIB’s IB expertise to the lecturer’s modules and programmes and enriching the learning experience of their students when they can work and interact with peers of other institutions.
  4. Achieving teaching outcomes that are more international, more intellectually stimulating, more research-led, and has demonstrable impact in causing positive change.
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