Rethink Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Global Business Practices Facing the Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis

Since the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), while all countries are trying to respond to the shock by working together or acting alone, everyone is racing to save its economy and develop a vaccination plan, while subsiding all possible damages to reach a speedy recovery. Founded on Hofstede’s cultural paradigm, this lecture covers and discusses the variation of global cultural practices in relation to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as it is deemed to potentially promote or hinder business growth and development. It is concluded that cultural characteristics under relatively long-term orientation, collectivism, high power distance, low uncertainty avoidance, and low self-indulgence would tend to subdue the public health crisis and enhance
economic restoration, while corporate practices of ‘new’ CRM under ongoing COVID should be adaptable to reflect such cultural norms to regain post-COVID business growth and sustainability

Upcoming MIIB lecture: March 25, 2022 Las Cruces, New Mexico, US / Osaka, Japan

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