Welcome to T&E SIG’s Stronger Together! We truly believe that working with others in a collaborative manner reinforces and multiplies the outcomes of individual results. Henceforth, we are pleased to present the Mini IB-cases developed through collective efforts and contributions from AIB members located in different parts of the world. The Mini IB-case contributors designed the case, suggested questions for discussion, and provided insightful perspectives on the case solutions.

The Mini IB-case is a valuable resources that AIB members can use in their courses. The cases are brief, relevant, insightful, but most importantly, they embody diversity of AIB community, and therefore reflect various points of views. The latter supports IB educator in showcasing the value of international business as a context that alters many theories and practices.

Below, you are welcome to download the first Mini IB-case. This case is an open resource, however, other cases will be accessible for the AIB members only via the AIB member log in.

2021-01: “Hmlet’s early internationalization: Too much of a good thing?”

The first Mini IB-case was designed by Professor Nitin Pangarkar, Ph.D (National University of Singapore, Singapore). The case was discussed by himself, as well as by Professor Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, Ph.D (Universidad EAFIT, Colombia), and Professor Monica Riviere, Ph.D (ISC Paris, France).

Read & use the case in your class: HERE.

We hope this and many other Mini IB-cases will be useful for you when enhancing the content and practices in your courses. But also we hope that your students will enjoy learning from diverse perspectives from around the world.


Would you like to contribute to the Mini IB-case discussions, or suggest the Mini IB-case to be discussed?

Welcome to contact Miguel Ignacio Córdova Espinoza, vice chair, resources in AIB T&E SIG (cordova.miguel@pucp.edu.pe), who is leading the initiative, and join the activity! Some initial guidelines for Mini IB-case content creators are available here – click to read.

You are also welcome to share, how you used these Mini IB-cases in your classes – we will be glad to post your experiences and in this way support IB educators’ learning from each other’s best practices.