The webinar 3Es in Virtual Learning: Experience, Energy, Engagement organised together with Georgia State University CIBER received a very positive feedback from the participants, a number of  interesting questions were also raised during the discussion. In the webinar, Professor Charles Dhanaraj, Piccinati Endowed Chair in Teaching Excellence and Chair of the Management Department at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, had guided participants to understand:

• What are some simple steps in the design and delivery stages that can substantially enhance engagement, energy, and experience in virtual learning?
• What do we know from neuroscience about the “Concert Hall Effect” and how can we apply that to our virtual learning?
• What can we learn from Psychology research on “Bystander Effect” and how can we apply it in virtual learning to enhance engagement?
• What are some modifications we should consider in our assessment if we want to create an exceptional experience for our students?

Participants also discussed:
• How to adapt the class design in hybrid class (at the same time we have students online and in the classroom) and when teaching asynchronously?
• How to be sure if the teacher has an equitable and inclusive online class without the benefit of seeing students or hearing their voices?
• What are the tools used in an interactive online class?