July 15th we met with three distinguished speakers to discuss various aspects about the DBA programs. Dr. Lars Mathiassen, GRA Eminent Scholar, Professor, Co-founder of Center for Digital Innovation; Dr. Jorge Carneiro, Associate Dean, Associate Professor of Strategy and International Business, FGV, Brazil; Dr. Timothy Devinney, Professor, Chair of International Business at the Alliance Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester, UK, shared their insights on the topic, and reflected on their extensive experiences when managing and teaching on the DBA programs.

In this joint webinar with the GSU CIBER, the panelists described their DBA programs, their overall mission, admission standards, enrollment, content, format, profile of target students, placement, etc.); also, compared their programs. Then, we discussed:

  • What is the value proposition of your DBA program? What are the intended benefits from the participant’s perspective?
  • How DBA differs from the traditional PhD programs?
  • What are legitimate DBA programs? How to ensure the quality and reputation of a DBA program?
  •  What is ‘action research’ in DBA programs and how does this support engaged scholarship? How to implement this type of scholarship?
  • Are there unique experiences, coursework, etc., that are incorporated into panelists’ DBA?

and many other interesting questions coming from the audience as well. The audience on this webinar was very diverse (see the poll below), but regardless of this, almost everyone participating found something valuable and interesting for themselves.


The next joint webinar is upcoming on September 9th on MBA programs, and registration is already open! Welcome to secure your place by registering here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/3416255831043/WN_cuvLkcjRRrKGoCYAg2zw1Q