The webinar ‘International Business Teaching Innovations: Lessons from Outstanding Educators’ organised by T&E SIG received very positive feedback, participants were also engaged in exciting discussion during the webinar. Three speakers, Madhu Viswanathan, Vanessa Hasse and Marleen Dieleman shared their experience and  their proven strategies for deepening  impact as an educator. The webinar showcase innovative teaching practices within the AIB community with a focus on how to achieve greater impact on students, peers and the wider community.

The webinar introduced three projects which previouly won or anounced as finalists of AIB teaching innovation award, including Madhu’s ‘Global Virtual Immersion in a Post-Covid World’, Vanessa’s ‘Transformative Learning Through Evidence-based Approaches to Knowledge Acquisition’, and Marleen et al’s ‘Toward More Impactful International Business Education: A Teaching Innovation Typology’. Participants actively discussed the database, theoretical framework, etc., of the presentations. During the webinar, these outstanding educators also provide tips for application of the AIB teaching innovation award 2023 with the deadline of February 15th (deadline extended), 2023 at midnight CST. Please find more details about the three projects HERE, and call for award nominations 2023 HERE. The recording of the webinar will be available soon on YouTube.