The webinar ‘Using Team-based Learning in an IB programme’ organised together with Georgia State University CIBER received very positive feedback, participants were also engaged in exciting discussion during the webinar. Three speakers, Dr Margaret Fletcher, Sarah Honeychurch and Iyke Ikegwuonu shared their experience regarding how to deliver a new innovative technology enabled Team-Based Learning (TBL) approach to enhance group work in Business schools. Key takeaways:

  • Learn about TBL – a pedagogically robust model of group work that encourages student engagement and accountability to their peers.
  • Obtain useful insights into how TBL works on an International Business programme to support students to develop an appreciation of diversity in global teams.
  • Find out about YACRS: a web-based class response system that students can access by using their own mobile devices, designed at the University of Glasgow in collaboration with academics in the Business School and Computing Science.

Participants were also very interested in:

  • How to create a team if tutors know little about students’ background?
  • What are the specific criteria to create a student team?
  • How to motivate students to do the individual study before class?
  • How to assess individual student’s performance in a TBL -based group assessment?
  • How to deal with situations of conflicts within a group?
  • How to monitor free-loading students’ engagement?
  • At what point shall tutors to ensure every member of the group is contributing equally to the group work?