At the 2024 annual conference of the AIB Latin America and the Caribbean (AIB-LAC) chapters, which took place between 20th and 22nd March 2024 in Kingston, Jamaica, the AIB T&E Sig ran two activities led by Cynthia Vilasboas Calixton Casnici from the University of Leeds in the UK and Miguel Cordova from the Pontifical Universidad de Catolica Del Peru:

  • Professional Development Workshop:“ Turning business classes more real: Educating from teaching cases in IB”. The
    workshop focused on sharing innovative approaches on how to use mini teaching cases in international business classes. Participants in the workshop explored the case of Accor in Africa and discussed multiple activities to increase student’s engagement.
  • A Teaching Café on: “AI in Education: Focus on Teaching Practices” explored innovative ideas on incorporating LLMs to enrich the learning experience, personalise education, and create different types of assessment. It also touched upon the role of institutions on training staff and developing AI policies.