Interested in issues related to teaching and education in international business? Want to learn new techniques and tools to improve your teaching? Here are the teaching-focused sessions at the AIB 2023 conference in Warsaw. We hope to see you there!

Teaching & Education Sessions at the 2023 AIB Conference in Warsaw:

July 5:

  • Session 0.03, 9:00-12:00. Pre-conference workshop. Teaching & Education SIG PDW. Room 152. (Organized by AIB T&E SIG)

July 6:

  • Presentation of AIB-CIBER Doctoral Academy at the AIB/Sheth Doctoral Student Consortium. Session #231812. Aula III, 10:00-10:15

July 7:

  • Panel: Doctoral Education in IB: Contemporary Developments. Session# 230729. Aula I. 09:00-10:15. (Co-organized by AIB T&E SIG)
  • Panel: Experiential learning games: activities and games for international business courses. Session #230721. Room 152. 10:45-12:00.
  • Special session: AIB Fellows International Educator of the Year Special Session. Session# 231524.Aula Glówna (Main Auditorium). 13:00-14:15
  • Teaching café: Teaching international business in emerging markets. Session #231638. Room 212. 13:00-14:15. (Organized by AIB T&E SIG)
  • Panel: The Role of business schools in educating future leaders in international business. Session# 230723. Room Aula Glowna (Main Auditorium). 14:30-15:45.
  • Panel: Teaching Innovations in International Business. Session# 232013. Aula IV. 14:30-15:45 (The winner of Teaching Innovations Award 2023 will be announced in this session. Organized by AIB T&E SIG)
  • Teaching Café: Engaging Experiences in the Classroom. Session# 231640. Room: 212. 14:30-15:45 (Organized by AIB T&E SIG)
  • AIB Teaching & Education SIGs Social event. Session# 231706. Room 152. 16:00-17:00. Come meet AIB T&E SIG members, talk with their leadership team, and enjoy some refreshments.

July 8:

  • Panel: Teaching international business: Some questions for reflection on its importance and delivery methods. Session #230722. Room: 152. 9:00-10:15
  • Panel: Diverse perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of teaching international business in a post-COVID era. Session #230726. Room: Aula IV. 10:45-12:00. (co-organized by WAIB and T&E SIG)
  • Panel: Using X-Culture in international business courses: Challenges and best practices. Session #230724. Room: Aula IV. 13:00-14:15.
  • Teaching café: Teaching and learning in times of crisis. Session #231636. Room 212. 13:00-14:15. (Organized by AIB T&E SIG)
  • Teaching Café: Teaching Critical Perspectives in IB. Session# 231637. Room: 212. 14:30-15:45.
  • (Organized by AIB T&E SIG)
  • Panel: Summary of the history of International Business Project, Phase II. Session #230727. Room: Aula II. 16:15-17:30.

July 9:

  • Panel: Practical approaches, successful student outcomes—The value of comprehensive global experiential learning in international business education. Session #230725. Room: Aula III. 9:00-10:15.
  • Interactive paper session: Collaboration from within and abroad towards enhancing teaching in international business curricula. Session #230751. Room: 105. 9:00-10:15.
  • Session# 232005 (coffee break): This coffee break is sponsored by the Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE) in honor of the winner of the CUIBE Award for Best Paper on International Business Education. The award presentation will take place during the coffee break at the Main Hall.
  • Special Session: Scholarship of Teaching & Learning: Meet the Editors Session. Session #230728. Room: Aula I. 10:45-12:00. (Organized by AIB T&E SIG)
  • Interactive paper session: Pedagogical tools and mechanisms to facilitating the strategy of international business learning. Session #230752. Room: 107. 10:45-12:00.
  • Competitive paper session: Theoretical and practical approaches for multicultural international business teaching. Session #230701. Room: 114. 13:00-14:15.
  • Teaching Café: Making IB Curriculum Impactful. Session# 231639. Room: 212. 13:00-14:15. (Organized by AIB T&E SIG)
  • Teaching Café: Addressing Different Ableness through Teaching and Creating Safe Spaces. Session# 231641.Room: 212. 14:30-15:45. (Organized by AIB T&E SIG)

Full conference program for further details: