The AIB Teaching & Education SIG is starting to actively engage with AIB Chapters.

Last month, the AIB Teaching & Education SIG (AIB T&E SIG) participated at AIB LAC 2021 for the firs time. In this virtual conference, AIB T&E SIG hosted a plenary session on teaching cases. Also, AIB T&E SIG’s current projects and activities were introduced.

Plenary session on teaching cases

Several of AIB T&E SIG’s leadership members provided feedback to conference participants presenting teaching cases. This was a great opportunity to comment on submissions and discuss about this relevant method of teaching.

There were two teaching cases in the plenary. The first case was presented by Stephen Salter (MTSU). The case was concerned with decisions for the professional life of employees. The second case was presented by Moema Pereira (Feevale University), and was concerned with sustainability and experiences in one industry. After presentations, authors received feedback from Karla Nava (UDEM). Karla gave suggestions and recommendations to improve the teaching cases and also explained the importance of using teaching notes to support the case.

SIG’s initiatives introduced

AIB T&E SIG chair Daria Panina (Texas A&M) explained different alternatives to improve teaching cases. Daria also introduced the main goal, activities, and future projects of the AIB T&E SIG.

Vice chair resources, Miguel Cordova (PUCP) presented a new SIG’s initiative mini teaching cases and discussed how different educators from various universities can participate in the project.

Vice chair events Cyntia Calixto (FGV) described the other SIG’s project in progress  – video capsules (video interviews with business professionals and professors). Video capsule project is meant to provide innovative teaching materials. All AIB members are invited to join forces when creating the collection of capsules.

Finally, it was discussed how AIB T&E SIG serves as a platform to improve quality of IB education and supports exchange of knowledge sharing among IB educators. At the end, there was an active and interesting discussion from the audience.

AIB T&E SIG is looking forward to engage with all AIB Chapters, and invite chapter representatives to discuss various possibilities to expand the collaboration further!