Web3, blockchain, crypto, distributed ledger technology, tokens, NFTs…and many other words that are hard to understand and explain are filling up international business news. Research in the field of International Business (IB) on the blockchain-based businesses is only emerging leaving IB educators with little guidance on how to teach about these important, yet, highly complex innovations to their students.

In this webinar, we have a unique opportunity to learn from distinguished entrepreneurs who are creating the blockchain-based business space. Aliaksandr “Sasha” Hudzilin will reflect on creating ecosystems for global blockchain projects; will discuss how blockchain is changing gaming and other industries, and will introduce a number of resources that are suitable for everyone interested to start learning about blockchain-based business space. Andrius Bartminas will help us uncover the secrets behind the cryptocurrencies and the colorful world of NFTs, will describe the use cases of NFTs awaiting in international business daily operations. Last, but not least Laura K. Inamedinova, will help us understand how Web3 is transforming international marketing practices and how to successfully develop blockchain-based global business.

Welcome to joint us at June 16, 2022, 11:00 AM Eastern Time!

Key takeaways:
• How can we easily explain basic terms – Web3, blockchain, crypto, distributed ledger technology, tokens, NFTs – related to the blockchain-based business to IB students?
• What are the principles upon which blockchain-based business is developed globally?
• What are the use cases of blockchain beyond the Bitcoin and several other famous cryptocurrencies?
• How to develop and market blockchain-based business internationally?

Please register for the webinar via the link HERE. Webinar is free of charge.

About the Speakers:

Aliaksandr “Sasha” Hudzilin

Aliaksandr (Sasha) is co-creator of HumanGuild.io, a guild within the NEAR ecosystem focusing on increasing the number of earners. Prior to this, Sasha was head of business development at NEAR and served as a founding member of the team. Prior to joining crypto space in 2018, Sasha studied business at UC Berkeley, worked in investment banking under Frank Quattrone, and spent 4 years selling and marketing MuleSoft and MemSQL products in Silicon Valley.




Laura K. Inamedinova

Laura K. Inamedinova is the CEO of London based Blockchain focused 7-digits valued Marketing agency “LKI Consulting”. Laura bought her first Bitcoin in 2016 when she got her first Client. With a STEM background, cybersecurity knowledge and a Bachelor of Physics, she joined the blockchain industry with a philosophy of making our financial world a more private, transparent space for all parties. She grew her agency x5 in the times of pandemic with a goal of empowering beginner crypto projects struggling to break through heavy regulations. In 2020, Miss Inamedinova was named as one of the “10 Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Shattering the Glass Ceiling” by Entrepreneur magazine. Huffington Post has titled her as “Communications Expert” in 2016. She began her communications career as a contributor for Forbes at the age of 21 and, later, contributor for Huffington Post at the age of 22.


Andrius Bartminas

Andrius Bartminas is the founder and CEO of SUPER HOW?, a private research and innovation lab focusing on DARQ technologies. Andrius is a passionate blockchain visionary and prominent business development professional with a passion for new technologies and innovations. He is a solution architect and team lead of SUPER HOW? spinoff project “Depository Center” – a distributed central securities depository network running on corporate distributed ledger technology, and is a fully transparent, secure and standardized system for the issuing, depositing and accounting of tokenized financial instruments – Smart digital securities. Andrius has a huge experience working in large-scale innovative projects. Moreover, as a market professional, Andrius is an active participant of governmental and institutional working groups and projects setting the regulatory framework for digital assets in Lithuania and the European Union.


Moderator: Aušrinė Šilenskytė

Aušrinė Šilenskytė is a University Teacher at the School of Management, University of Vaasa, Finland, and vice-chair communication at the Academy of International Business Teaching & Education Shared Interest Group, elected chair from 2023. Aušrinė holds a PhD in the area of international management, and her research centres around strategy implementation in MNCs, technology (e.g., SaaS, blockchain) adoption in International Business (IB) operations, and teaching IB. Aušrinė is an alumnus of the prestigious Nord-IB programme; she has also received several international awards for her research and as an educator. Before her academic career, she worked in Lithuania and Egypt in several international positions as a manager.