The aim of the EFFORT project is to develop tools and guidelines that support higher education institutions to increase the effectiveness and quality of sustainability-, ethics-and/or CSR-related teaching.

One of the expected results from this project is an Innovative Teaching Methods Handbook. The handbook is a structured overview of innovative methods of teaching CSR-and sustainability-related courses, which is aiming to make responsibility teaching easier and more innovative.

The contributors for the handbook will be selected on the basis of a survey that will be conducted from December 2020 until February 2021. Potential contributors will be asked to describe their innovative teaching method using the questionnaire developed by the EFFORT experts. On the basis of the obtained information, the most innovative methods will be selected for publishing in the handbook. All contributions should be submitted by summer 2021 to meet the expected publishing deadline of March 2022.

If you are using innovative methods in your teaching, there is a unique opportunity to contribute to the EFFORT handbook of innovative teaching methods. If you are interested, please send an email to Alena Chistiakova and Marina Schmitz

As the EFFORT project is funded through an EU Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership grant, the published book will be open access.