Have you and your colleagues, students, collaborators, or non-academic friends tried to reach a conclusion about this?

Welcome to the Special Panel organised by the Mainstreaming Impact in International Business (MIIB) Initiative. As part of the innovative AIB UK & Ireland Chapter 2022 Conference, this panel aims to bring academic insights to a wide range of stakeholders and help to cause a positive change! This event is a hybrid, virtually on April 9, 2022, at 11.00am UTC+1, or in-person at Reading! Please register HERE!

There is a growing consensus that multinational enterprises (MNEs) are the cause of and the solution to challenges of sustainable development. As important actors in global value chains (GVCs), MNEs exercise coordination and control over world-wide production and material and knowledge mobility without direct ownership. GVC governance therefore has been at the centre of debates by international stakeholders. Yet, there is a considerable lack of understanding of the theoretical rational and the relevance of innovative international business (IB) practices to a GVC governance that is both inclusive and for sustainable development. Acknowledging that MNEs play a paradoxical role and the GVC governance needs to improve is certainly not enough. The key is how to generate a solution, with the support of the wealth of IB theories and evidence. The purpose of the Panel is to advocate for a systematic and scientific approach to building an inclusive GVC framework. This framework will help generate solutions for achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) by harnessing MNEs’ established influence and evaluating the effects of innovative collaborations among IB stakeholders.

This 1.5-hour hybrid MIIB Panel session will include conversations with panelists and time for Q&A from in-person and online audience. A report will be published following the special panel. For queries and access to the report, please contact MIIB at MIIB.ContactUs@gmail.com.


Chair: Dr Elizabeth Yi Wang, Centre for International Business at the University of Leeds (CIBUL), University of Leeds
Panellists: Prof Nigel Driffield, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick
Prof Jeremy Clegg, Centre for International Business at the University of Leeds (CIBUL), University of Leeds
Dr Lilian Miles, Westminster Business School, the University of Westminster
Dr Mohammad Faisal Ahammad, Centre for International Business at the University of Leeds (CIBUL) , University of Leeds
Mr Peter Zink Secher, Managing Director at Nykredit Sustainable Solutions. Author of the book The M&A Formula (Wiley publ. 2018)